In His Hands had not even considered working in Myanmar until we learned about Pastor Lin and his work in his native country. He, along with his wife Mai, felt God calling them to care for orphans. This calling caused them to bring orphans into their homes and care for them.  They soon ran out of space and sought an organization that could help provide them with a facility that could house and care for more orphans.  Today, with the leadership of Lin and Mai, we are currently in the beginning stages of planning an orphan home in this region.

Lin's story is one of strong faith and perseverance. He felt God's calling on his heart to be a pastor since childhood. With this calling in mind, Lin walked on foot for 7 days from Myanmar (Burma) to India in order to get to a Bible College where he could study theology. It was on this journey that Lin felt so strongly of the calling to care for children who had no place to go.


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Erik and Rachel felt God calling them to take in orphans that have lost their parents through war and abandonment. When we first met Erik and Rachel, they were caring for 25 orphans and Erik apologetically said, "I can only take care of the 25 children and just don't have room for anymore." Michelle assured him that what he was doing was making a great difference for the 25 and that he did not need to take in more. Eight months later, Michelle returned to Myanmar and Erik and Rachel had squeezed in 32 orphans. Erik said, "They just no place else to go, so we couldn't turn them away." Now they are raising 34 orphans and their 3 children with the help of 2 other assistants.

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