Orphan Home in Myanmar

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The Story

Thanks to you 39 orphans in Haiti, 10 orphans in the Philippines and 41 orphans in Myanmar were lovingly cared for in Christian homes this year, received 3 nutritious meals a day, and had the opportunity to attend school. The infirmary was completed in Haiti so that children suffering from illness and to keep disease from spreading to the other children. In addition, people in the communities were given jobs and helped to start businesses. On behalf of them, thank you for improving and saving lives and giving them a hope and a future.

When we first met Pastor Tun Lin in Myanmar, there were 15 people living in his 1,100 square foot house. Tun Lin and his wife Mai had felt God’s call on their lives to care for orphans and they were doing the best that they could, but were struggling. Tun Lin had a dream of a partner ministry coming to help by purchasing land so that they could raise their own food and build orphan homes and a church. Thanks to donors like YOU, Tun Lin’s dream of the land purchase was fulfilled this fall as you helped to buy the $70,000 piece of land. Currently, Tun Lin and the older orphans are clearing the land and look forward to planting vegetables soon. Because of your support, the orphans in Tun Lin and Mai’s care have been able to attend a school with only 25 students in a class (previously there were 70 children in each class) and receive nutritious food and clean water. Tun Lin thanks you all for helping to make such a difference. Every day, your support makes stories like Tun Lin’s possible.

When I met Pastor Isaac and his wife Rachel in Myanmar a year ago, they were living in a crowded house with 25 orphans, their 3 children, and 2 helpers. They were struggling to make ends meet and Isaac apologetically explained to me, “This is all I can do. I do not have room for more children and am going to stop at 25.” Upon my return to Myanmar in July, Isaac and Rachel had added 8 MORE orphans, with a total of 33 orphans! I asked Isaac how he ended up with 33 children since he was going to stop at 25 and he said, “They had nowhere else to go. I just couldn’t turn them away.” I thank God for Isaac and Rachel, who are willing to continue to sacrifice and care for “the least of these”.

Isaac’s neighbor recently approached him asking if he would like to buy his house, which would give Isaac and Rachel more room in which to care for the children. The building can be converted into apartment-style housing so that house parents can take care of children in different apartments and make the children feel like part of a family. We will also help Isaac to convert his current home to this type of housing as well. When adoption or good foster homes are not available, it is much better for the children to have a home as close to a family as possible. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to provide additional housing with the purchase of this home. With your help, we can raise the $30,000, which will make a big difference for the care of these boys and girls.